Little River Retriever Kennels

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Have a long trip planned and nobody to house sit? Relatives coming in that are allergic to dogs? Just want your dog to have a getaway? Let us care for you dog and help you any way we can!

We offer boarding services that will be better than taking them and dropping them at the vet clinic. We charge $25.00 a day and your dog will have a 10x5 kennel to stay in that is covered from the elements, and with a raised bed. We train dogs daily and give them plenty of time to socialize with other dogs and stretch their legs all while having plenty of time to potty and keep their kennels clean. Even if your dog isn't in our training program he or she can take advantage of our open fields and many ponds if you so allow them to swim. All free time is supervised. If your dog has been in our program and is coming to stay with us, we like to take the opportunity to sharpen their obedience and give them marks while staying with us. If you have any questions feel free to Contact Us

                                                                       McBrayer's Little River Reesie JH

McBrayer's Little River Reesie- AKC Junior Hunter