Little River Retriever Kennels

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I met Randy Mcbrayer in 2013. Our relationship began as he was first a client at my Oasis Salon. Little did we know that we would become close friends because of my Banjo (a yellow lab) and Randy’s Reese (a yellow lab) are brother and sister. My husband, Jason, is an avid hunter of all kinds of animals; and hunting was unfamiliar territory for me. So, I took on the challenge of “the hunting dog” so that I could be a part of Jason’s interest. This was a hefty commitment because my Banjo has more energy than a whole pack of dogs. He was definitely was living up to his registered name, Crazy Banjo Boy. Randy and I would share stories of our sibling pets during our haircut appointments. He offered to work with Banjo, to simply teach him manners and obedience. It was perfect timing as Banjo had just sired a litter of puppies at the ripe age of 7 months. It was a surprise. We didn't know that could happen for such a young dog. Randy began working his training magic for 8 weeks with Banjo. And out of that experience Randy and I had an agreement that he could have the pick of the litter, which is is black lab, Tux. When we visited Banjo, much to our surprise, Randy, better known to us as “the dog whisperer”, had transformed our Crazy Banjo Boy. He would actually respond to the commands: “come”, “sit” and “stay”. Randy continued to work with Banjo, entering him in several hunt tests, until Banjo finally received his junior hunt title. Randy had worked his magic is an understatement. Randy is blessed with extremely valuable gifts; he is patient, kind and truly loves what he does. As the average owner of a young lab, I was about to lose hope and patience that my dog simply couldn’t be trained. Randy changed those thoughts for me. Randy turned Banjo into an obedient companion and hunter’s dream come true. Randy’s skills, love of the dogs, and his enjoyment and patiences in training the dogs makes him, the man for the job for anyone’s lab!