Little River Retriever Kennels

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   I met Randy McBrayer in 2013. Our relationship began as he was first a client at my Oasis Salon. Little did we know that we would become close friends because of my Banjo (a yellow lab) and Randy’s Reese (a yellow lab) are brother and sister. My husband, Jason, is an avid hunter of all kinds of animals; and hunting was unfamiliar territory for me. So, I took on the challenge of “the hunting dog” so that I could be a part of Jason’s interest. This was a hefty commitment because my Banjo has more energy than a whole pack of dogs. See more.....

      Bonnie Hawk - Nacogdoches TX

We are so happy we found Randy and Little River Retriever Kennels! Randy and his wife Brittany took amazing care of our lab Bo. After sending our pup to Randy for obedience training, we could not believe the transformation in his behavior and attention. We are able to work and play with Bo now in a controlled and pleasant manner. We were so impressed with the obedience training, we decided to send Bo back for basic retriever training. We knew how much Bo loved his time there when we saw how excited he was to return. Randy was great about taking a lot of videos and updating us on our boy's progress. Now our lab is trained to do what he loves and what he was born to do. His confidence truly shows and we know that sending him to Randy meant helping our pup reach his full potential.
     Sarah Nasser- FT Worth TX

We are so thankful to Randy for teaching/training Jake. Randy has a very peaceful and loving approach with the dogs which you can easily sense. Jake really enjoyed his schooling and his transformation was amazingly quick. Jake is no longer like a wild animal on his leash and really a pleasure to be around. 

    Jeff Thompson - Nacogdoches TX