Little River Retriever Kennels

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Retriever training and obedience

     At LRK we have several levels of obedience and retriever training available as well as other services to benefit you and your dog. Tell us exactly what you would like to see from your canine friend and we will cater the best we can. We specialize in retrieving breeds for hunting and for home, but obedience training is open to all breeds. Below is our list of services and training along with pricing:

Note that all dogs are different and learn as such. Training times listed are on average and each dog will progress through training as they show proficiency at each level. You will receive an evaluation of your dogs progress. 

All training includes daily training, boarding, food ( Extreme Dog Fuel 26/18 grain free), free time to play and socialize, and weekly updates with pictures and videos. 


Obedience -$1000 per month ( 2 months)

Gun Dog -$800 per month 

 ** refer to descriptions below for length of times per program

**At the completion of each level of training the owner is asked to attend a training session where you can be shown what your dog has learned and how to handle their newly learned skills

Obedience- Month 1

*Any breed accepted

Dog will be on leash majority of training learning proper heeling, sit, stay, and here. The dog will also learn social and greeting skills with other dogs and humans. There will be no more pulling on the leash during walks! 

Obedience - Month 2

Dog will be taught basic obedience skills off leash and be E collar conditioned. Will be able to walk by your side at heel without leash and come when called. We also teach "place" at this stage, which is helpful when you want your dog to go to a specific location and stay there. Dog bed, hunting platform, back of truck etc. 


Puppy Head Start

For pups 4-5 months of age, and are to continue on in to retriever training. Early introductions to birds, guns, and overall developing good habits and drive to build a solid foundation for your gun dog. 

Retriever Training 101 - 4-5 months ( including 2 month of obedience)

At the completion of this stage your dog will be ready to take hunting. They will be introduced to a ton of marks and live fire. They will use training dummies, ducks, and pigeons to retrieve and also begin being trained to a whistle. The cost of live birds are covered in training cost. Your dog will also be taught to hold and force fetched to produce a reliable retrieve and return to your hand. They will be making retrieves on water and land up to 75 yards, this is where water confidence is gained. Your dog will be taught to be steady to shot and also be introduced to double marks and being in a hunting blind. After completion, your dog will be able to to complete an AKC junior level/ HRC started hunting test. 

Retriever Training 102- 7-8 months total ( including 4 months of obedience plus 101)

This is the advanced level of training. After completion your dog could probably pass the 1st grade at your local school. If you are tired of throwing gun shells, rocks, and sticks for your dog to retrieve a bird that only you saw fall, this is the course you need. Yeah I know you've done it. Your dog will be able to complete blind retrieves in water and on land and you will be able to direct your dog with hand signals. Triple marks and poison birds are also introduced at this level. Your dog will be able to complete an AKC Senior level/ HRC seasoned hunting test after completion. 

Masters degree

If you are interested in your dog completing his master certification after completion of the aforementioned training, speak with me and we will evaluate what your dog will need. 

Hunt Test Handling- $50 a test

We attend most UKC and AKC hunt tests throughout the year in Texas and run dogs at all levels. If you are interested in your dog receiving his or her hunting title we will take care of entering your dog, transporting them to the tests, and handling them. Cost covers food and transportation. No pass, No pay. Though we encourage each owner to handle their own dogs and 

we will show you how when your dog completes each level of training.